Bosch Attachment GMA55 for GTB185 [1600A025GJ]

Technical Data

Part number: 1600A025GD
Screw head diameter, max: 9.5 mm
Screw length: 25 - 55 mm
Max. screw diameter: 5 mm
Dimension: 201 x 63 x 121 mm
Weight: 0.36 kg

Scope of Delivery

• 1 x screwdriver bit PH 2
RM 320.00
Availability: In Stock
24/05/2024 - 29/05/2024

Bosch Attachment GMA55 for GTB185 [1600A025GJ]

Bosch Accessories - Bosch Attachment GMA55 for GTB185

GMA 55 is the drywall screwdriver auto-feed attachment for faster and more comfortable working even in difficult positions thanks to its ergonomic design and light weight of less than 0.4 kg. With its thumbwheel, the depth setting can be adjusted quickly, and tool-less screw length adjustment is possible. The open design facilitates cleaning and prevents dust deposits, thus increasing its lifetime.

Comfortable and faster working – auto-feed attachment for drywall screwdrivers
• Drywall screwdriver auto-feed attachment for comfortable and fast working even in difficult positions
• Quick and easy depth setting and tool-less screw length adjustment
• Open design for easy cleaning and longer lifetime

Equipment & Application

GMA 55 is designed for drywall screws up to 5 mm in diameter and a length between 25 and 55 mm. It shows its strength in recurring work such as applying drywall panels to ceilings. GMA 55 is compatible with all Bosch Professional corded and cordless drywall screwdrivers like GTB 18V-45, GTB 12V-11 or GSR 18 V-EC TE.

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Weight: 0.36 kg
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