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Makita Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of power tools. Founded on March 21, 1915, it is based in Anjo, Japan. Makita is famous in manufacturing power tools, cordless tools and petrol equipments. Makita has world's largest 18V lithium ion cordless tools range.

Makita - Japanese Quality Tools

Makita Cordless Chain Saw 400mm UC016GT101 UC016GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 2,366.00 - RM 4,009.00

Makita Cordless Pin Nailer PT001GD101 PT001GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 2,138.00 - RM 3,420.00

Makita Cordless Planer 82mm KP001GM201 KP001GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 1,390.00 - RM 3,715.00

Makita Cordless Power Cutter CE001GZ01

Makita Power Tools
RM 5,758.00

Makita Cordless Metal Cutter 140mm CS002GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 2,312.00

Makita Cordless Portable Band Saw PB002GM201 PB002GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 2,646.00 - RM 4,791.00

Makita Cordless Recipro Saw JR002GM201 JR002GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 1,471.00 - RM 3,796.00

Makita Cordless Polisher PV001GM101 PV001GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 1,924.00 - RM 3,341.00

Makita Cordless Angle Grinder 125mm GA044GM201 GA044GD201 GA044GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 1,350.00 - RM 3,675.00

Makita Cordless Angle Grinder 100mm GA042GM201 GA042GD201 GA042GZ

Makita Power Tools
RM 1,324.00 - RM 3,648.00

Makita Battery Powered Blower UB001CZ

Makita Garden Tools
RM 1,680.00