Rubber Corner Wall Guard

Rubber Corner Wall Guard

Technical Data

Length: H790 x W95 x T10 mm
Color: Yellow / Black
Material: Rubber

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• 1 x pc Rubber Corner Wall Guard
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22/06/2024 - 27/06/2024

Rubber Corner Wall Guard

Road Safety Equipments - Rubber Corner Wall Guard

Rubber Corner Wall Guard provides the most protection in storage spaces, parking garages and loading docks. It is made from high impact natural rubber with highly visible design in yellow and black. It is wide variety of uses in industrial and commercial applications to withstand abrasion and jolts.

They are designed to protect the edges of columns in structures. Corner guards relieves the tension of chipped & broken corners of pillars / columns. They are mounted onto the edges of, preferably all the 4 edges of square columns of basement parking as well as the edges of the walls in industrial premises. They are suitable for medium & heavy traffic areas & also moving trolleys. They are a perfect solution for chipped edges in car parks, hospitals, nursing homes, laboratories, hotel, schools, sports areas and multitude of other commercial properties.

Benefits and features

• Mounted vertically or horizontally along the corners of the walls or beams to prevent damage
• Heavy-duty flexible compound prevents damage to equipment and vehicles to save moeny
• Easy installation
• Maintenance free
• Tough and long lasting in severe weather
• Made of natural rubber
• 790 mm length

How to install?

• Adhesive and/or mechanical fasteners for permanent protection

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