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BOSCH power tools can classified into portable or stationery. The portable tools has the advantage of mobility whereas the stationery tools give precision.

Bosch Power Tools not only widely used in industry, construction, but also housework tasks like cleaning and gardening. It can diverse into few categories such as driving, drilling, cutting, shaping, sanding, grinding, routing, polishing, painting, heating and more.

Bosch Power Tools for Professionals


Bosch Trigger Aquatak 140 & 150

Bosch Accessories
RM 110.00

Bosch Point Laser GPL 5

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 910.00

Bosch Combi Laser GCL 25

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 1,380.00

Bosch Rotation Laser GRL 350 HV

Bosch Measuring Tools
RM 3,188.00

Bosch Angle Grinder GWS 2200-230

Bosch Power Tools
RM 570.00

Bosch Li-Ion Battery GBA 12V 6.0Ah

Bosch Power Tools
RM 270.00

Bosch Li-Ion Battery GBA 12V 1.5Ah

Bosch Power Tools
RM 50.00

Bosch Angle Grinder GWS 9-100 P

Bosch Power Tools
RM 265.00

Bosch Starter Kit 18V 2.0Ah

Bosch Power Tools
RM 450.00

Bosch Suction Nozzle for GKS12V-Li

Bosch Accessories
RM 35.00

Bosch 3 pcs SelfCut Speed Set 2608587011

Bosch Accessories
RM 36.00

Bosch SDS Plus-5X Hammer Drill Bit

Bosch Accessories
RM 16.00 - RM 58.00