Kleenso Fogging Disinfectant

Kleenso Fogging Disinfectant Sanitising Mist


Size: 5 litre
Ideal for: made specially for ULV and industrial fog machine to disinfect large indoor and outdoor area
Made in Malaysia


• 1 x Kleenso Fogging Disinfectant Sanitising Mist

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14/06/2024 - 19/06/2024

Kleenso Fogging Disinfectant Sanitising Mist 5 litre

Cleaning Product - Kleenso Fogging Disinfectant Sanitising Mist

KLEENSO Fogging disinfectant solution made specially for ULV and industrial fog machine to disinfect large indoor and outdoor area. KLEENSO SANITIZE DISINFECTANT effectively Virus, Bacteria. Germs, Fungus & Mold for any type of surface without using caustic chemical or scented masking agents.

KLEENSO fogging disinfectant solution effective against 99.999% virus bacteria. The concern is that environmental surfaces routinely touched by patients and workers may play a role in the spread of microorganisms. Fogging is a sterilization technique that uses a special machine to create a mist which eliminates all pathogens, even ones that cannot be reached by conventional cleaning.

• Non-sticky.
• Non alcohol.
• Effective against broad spectrum of microorganism.
• No toxic waste, residue and no disposal problem.
• Non-Tanning and non-staining.
• Effectively kills bacteria & virus up to 99.99%.
• Can sanitizer and remove odour in your car or room.


• Keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid contact with eyes. If accidentally got into eyes, flush with running water immediately and seek medication.

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