Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant

Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant


Size: 4 kg
Ideal for: general cleaning, sanitize non-food contact surface, contain no phosphorus
Made in Malaysia


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Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant

Cleaning Product - Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant

Kleenso Kills Germs Disinfectant is proven kills 99.9% germs and bacteria. Kleenso Disinfectant is an alcohol free water based with contains no phosphorus on unique formula that help protect your family from harmful germs and bacteria. Its contain surfactant with pH neural that able to clean and kill bacteria. Use to sanitize non-food contact surfaces that daily contact like mop, cloth, sponge or trigger sprayer to completely wet surfaces.

And ideal to sanitize on Public compound, School, Kindergarten, Factory, Offices, Warehouse, Shopping mall, Retail outlet, Lorry, Vehicle, Taxi, Car, Clinic, Restaurant, Foods & Beverages outlet and etc.

• Alcohol free, Surface wipe, Kills 99.9% Germs

Directions to use

General Cleaning
Directly apply with cloth, sponge, and mop or trigger sprayer to completely wet surface and wipe clean. Repeat for heavily soiled areas. For surfaces that may come in contact with food, a portable water rinse is required. Not recommended for use on soft vinyl, varnishes or aluminum. For painted surfaces, test small area first.

• To clean floors: Mix 1 cup to 4 liters of water and apply with mop.
• To clean toilet: To clean and deodorize toilet bowl, squirt liberally (1/2 cup) on toilet sides and upper toilet bowl rim. Brush all surfaces thoroughly and flush.

To sanitize non-food contact surfaces
Apply with mop, cloth, sponge or trigger sprayer to completely wet all surfaces. Let stand 30 seconds. Then wipe.

To Disinfect
Apply full strength with mop, cloth, sponge or trigger sprayer to completely wet all surfaces. Let stand 10 minutes. Then Wipe. For heavily soiled areas, a precleaning is required. Do not apply on glasses, dishes or utensils. For food contact surfaces such as institutional kitchen/restaurant counters, tables and appliances, rinse disinfected surface with portable water.


• Keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid contact with eyes. If accidentally got into eyes, flush with running water immediately and seek medication.

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Weight: 4 kg
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