Makita Step Drill Bit Titanium Coating D-40129

Makita Step Drill Bit Titanium Coating D-40129

Technical Data

Material of manufacture: High Speed ​​Steel HSS
Coating type: Titanium Nitride TiN
Length: 75 mm
Working length: 53 mm

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Makita Step Drill Bit Titanium Coating D-40129

Makita Accessories - Makita Step Drill Bit Titanium Coating D-40129

• Makita D-40129 Step Drill Bit Titanium Coating
• It is designed for drilling holes in colored and sheet metal
• Suitable for expanding existing holes
• The conical profile of the drill allows to make holes with a diameter of 4 to 20 mm
• 9 steps
• It is made of high-speed steel
• 6-pointed shank 1/4 inch
• Tin coating

What is step drill bit?
A step drill bit can be used to drill a range of different sized holes with a single bit. Since each bit size drill holes less than 1/4″ deep, a step bit is mainly used for drilling thin material such as sheet metal.

To make it easy know how deep to plunge the bit for the right sized hole, wrap a piece of masking tape around the bit at correct hole size.

Step drill bits work exceptionally well on sheet metal. They can be used on other materials as well, but you won’t get a straight smooth-walled hole in solid materials thicker than the step height. Step drill bits are incredibly useful for one-step drilling operations, but they’re not suitable for all operations.

Pros and Cons of step drill bit?
- (relatively) clean holes
- Short length for easier maneuverability
- Faster drilling
- No need for multiple twist drill bit sizes

- Not easily resharpenable (professional sharpening services can do this for you, and there are a number of DIY sharpening tips floating around the web)
- You might still need to drill a pilot hole
- Pricey

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