Makita Chainsaw Replacement Saw Chain 196213-0

Makita Chainsaw Replacement Saw Chain 196213-0

Technical Data

Cutting length (mm): 400 / 16"
Pitch ("): 3/8
Impeller thicknes / gauge (mm): 1.3
Number of links: 56
Chainsaw files ø (mm): 4.0

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Makita Chainsaw Replacement Saw Chain 196213-0

Makita Accessories - Makita Chainsaw Replacement Saw Chain 196213-0

Makita 196213-0 Chainsaw Replacement Saw Chain 400 mm / 16" is sharp and designed for UC4041A, EA3201S40B.

The cutting bar suitable is 400 mm / 16" (165202-6) with no of drive links 56. It is gauge 1.3 mm, pitch 3/8" and cutter type is 91PX CC. End users should use 4.0 mm file to sharpen the teeth.

Tips on sharpening your saw chain
Using a chain saw significantly cuts the time and energy devoted to homestead chores. But that's only true if the saw's chain is sharp. A dull chain saw is about as useful for cutting wood as a plastic spoon. To cut quickly and safely, saws must be sharpened often. With a few simple tools, here's how you easily can do it yourself.

Successfully sharpening a chain saw involves three steps: shaping the chisel-like teeth that cut wood (they're call cutters); adjusting the parts of the chain that regulate the bite taken by each cutter (called depth gauges); and fine-tuning the tension of the chain so it runs freely, with no slack, around the bar. Think of a saw chain as a linked row of small chisels. Each cutter is a chisel it takes a bite as it travels across the wood. If all the bites are crisp, equal and even from side-to-side, you've got a hungry, smooth-running and well- sharpened chain.

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