HiKOKI Cordless Rotary Hammer DH18DBL

Technical Data

• Concrete - 26 mm
• Steel - 13 mm
• Wood - 27 mm
Battery Voltage: 18 V
Battery Power Output: 90 Wh (BSL1850) | 54 Wh (BSL1830)
Bit Shank: SDS-plus
Impact Energy: 1.3 Joules
No Load Speed: 0 - 1,050 /min.
Full Load Impact Rate: 0 - 3,950 /min.
Overall Length: 351 mm
Weight: 3.7 kg

Vibration Total Values (triax vector sum), Hammer Drilling into Concrete:
Vibration emission value ah, HD = 17.5 m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5 m/s2

Vibration Total Values (triax vector sum), Equivalent chiseling value:
Vibration emission value ah, CHeq = 8.6 m/s2
Uncertainty K = 1.5 m/s2

Scope of Delivery

• 1 x HiKOKI 18V Cordless Tools DH 18DPL
• 1 x Side Handle
• 1 x Depth Gauge

Free & Extra

Combo 1
• 1 x HiKOKI 36V 2.5Ah Battery BSL36A18 (suitable for 18V 5.0Ah)
• 1 x HiKOKI 36V Super Charger + USB Port UC18YSL3

Combo 2
• 1 x HiKOKI 36V Starter Pack 3 (2.5Ah x 2)

12 Months HiKOKI Warranty


HiKOKI Battery & Charger

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07/06/2023 - 12/06/2023

HiKOKI Cordless Rotary Hammer DH 18DBL

HiKOKI Power Tools - HiKOKI Cordless Rotary Hammer DH18DBL

• More durability. Longer motor life. Maintenance-free.
The brushless motor offers a significantly extended product life cycle by eliminating trouble including armature burnout, layer short or commutator wear even in severe work environments. Besides, no carbon brush replacement is required.

• Top-Class Capabilities
The highly efficient brushless motor and the optimized hammering mechanism achieves the top-class drilling speed (up to 40% faster) and demolition performance (up to 4.6kg / 5min.).

• Improved Handling

Pic.1: The grip of the handle and the drill bit head are on the same line of action, which makes applying force to the drill easier.
Pic.2: The grip of the handle is close to the center of gravity for easier handling.

• Top-Class Runtime
Number of 40mm deep holes drilled into concrete with a ø 8.5 drill bit
18V: Up to 170 holes per charge

• Reactive Force Control (RFC)
When the tool bit is suddenly overburdened during operation, the slip clutch works or the tool's built-in controller stops the motor's output before  the entire tool jerks.

• Convenient Carrying Case
The rotary hammer can be stored in the case with the side handle attached.

• Multiple Bit-Angle Settings
The chisel can be rotated in multiple angles with the change lever positioned at 'neutral'. 

• Fast Charging offered by Our original charging technology
Built-in cooling system
of the UC18YSL3 charger drastically reduces charging time by efficiently cooling both the battery and charger at the same time during charging.

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Weight: 3.7 kg
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